Thursday, October 9, 2008

Under construction...

I remember way back in the 90's when people would start websites that would just stay "under construction" forever - with all of those construction animated GIFs - the best you could do with animation back then since Flash wasn't around yet. This post has nothing to do with any of that. :-P

This blog is about things in my home and the biggest thing going on right now is the interior/exterior painting and also laminate floors being put in. So right now we've got furniture in unusual places. Our piano is in the kitchen, we've got some living room furniture in the pantry, the family room is empty with the exception of a bucket full of stuff. We moved a lot of stuff from the family room into the garage, but most of our furniture is sitting in the living room.

The painting is mostly done, just a few touch-ups needed here and there. Work was started yesterday on the new floors. The carpet was removed from downstairs, so now it's down to the bare concrete.

I've been taking pictures every step of the way and I'll post a few once all the work is finished. Might be a while before that because the floor guys won't be starting work on the stairs and upstairs yet. Since the painters took longer than expected, the floor guys started two days later than they were supposed to, so they have other clients scheduled and only have enough time to do downstairs for now. At least they kept the carpet in for now on the stairs and upstairs so that we'd still have something clean to walk on up there.