Friday, June 17, 2016

Kid Friendly Birdhouse Tutorial

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kids tend to be involved in most of my diy projects. Even if it means
standing there with a handful of nails giving them to me as needed, they are always excited to help out. Lately my oldest, J, has
been showing a lot of interest in being more involved in my projects
as well as creating some projects of

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Paper Crafts For Kids

Sometimes you just need a quick craft to keep the kids entertained. These fun paper crafts are very inexpensive and simple to prepare. Give the kids some markers, crayons, or paint and let them get creative with their creations.

Paper Chain Garland Animal

Paper Giraffes

Animal Finger Puppets

Pterodactyl Puppets

Woven Fish

Birdhouse Template


Friday, June 3, 2016

11 of the Cutest Stinking Diy Projects.

These projects are so cute you can't help but love them.


Cat Planters {via Maceta Gatuna}

Fleece Boot Liners {via Sewing}

Pet Cloud {via Little Gatherer}

String Organizers {via Little White Whale}

Dog Collar Bow Tie {via Stuff Steph Does}

Notebook Tea Cloths {via Say Yes}

Strawberry Brooch {via The Crafted Life}

Cress Cups with a Face {