Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lemon Tart - Show and Tell Friday


Welcome to Show and Tell Friday!  We had a wonderful Christmas and since I've been off work almost a week I've lost track of time and just realized that I need to put up my Show and Tell post today!  Since I'm totally unprepared I thought I would share a yummy dessert I made for Christmas dinner! Luckily I snapped a photo of it with my iPhone before I ate it! 


 I found this recipe on

Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Christmas Decor - Show and Tell Friday


Welcome to Show and Tell Friday!  This week I wanted to share some more of my little apartment decorated for Christmas.  I cleaned house on Saturday and had plans to wash my car and take photos of my Christmas d├ęcor on Sunday but my daughter had other plans!  Since she turned 21 and is now of legal drinking age she woke up and said "lets go to brunch"  since now she can order mimosas!  I

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas In The Entryway...

When I changed my tree this year, I had to make the entryway match.
You can see last years decor HERE.
It was more traditional, but this year I went with white.
I filled my jar with a little Christmas village scene...
I filled the jar with epson salt for the snow & added a little house that I had painted white.  Then I put a tree in there.  It only cost about $3 dollars.
I'm enjoying the white color this year.
Next, is our garland...

I got the silver stars from the Dollar Store.

The garland was purchased from Michaels. 
 I love how it has pinecones & that the tips of the greenery are white.
I think it all came together with the living room & tree.
It's a magical time of year!
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A White Christmas - Show and Tell Friday

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday!  It's been really cold here this week in Northern California! It was down into the high 20s at night! I know that not be very cold to some of you but for California it is!!!   I was hoping for snow but all we got was heavy frost!



It looks like a White Christmas in my apartment though!  I decided that even though I have to move in February and I'm a

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little hot cocoa


Sometimes it's the little things that you don't normally do everyday that can make you happy!  I don't remember the last time I had hot cocoa with whipped cream on it but for some reason last Saturday morning I just had a craving for it!  Occasionally at work I will have the instant hot chocolate in the packets that you add hot water to but I much prefer to make it with unsweetened cocoa

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vintage and Vogue at Christmas - Show and Tell Friday


Welcome to Show and Tell Friday!  I'm breaking my own rule and sharing something that is not from my home for this Show and Tell Friday!  I'm sure you won't mind once you see this lovely shop!



I feel so fortunate to have this beautiful shop just a mile from my home!  It's always lovely but at this time of the year it is truly breathtaking!



This dresser above is exactly

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decor...A Silver & White Tree

I did it...
I went with "sparkle" instead of my traditional red & white.
You can see the trees that inspired me HERE.
I LOVE how my tree turned out...
I bought a few rolls of ribbon, the star & this "Merry Christmas" sign from Tai Pan..
I I also found these beautiful birds there...
They really sparkle!
I I already had the snowflakes & some of the ornaments.
I was going to get a new tree skirt, but the only white one at Walmart was $36...too much for me to spend!
So, I got a yard and half of this material & it only cost 3 bucks!  
I also changed my decor on my piano to match my tree.
I love how it turned out!
I started by buying these 3 little houses & trees from the dollar store.
I painted them with some white craft paint & threw some silver glitter on the roof of each one.
I also "flocked" the little trees with some paint.  I love how it turned out!
Total cost: $5
I did splurge & added the silver deer from Michael's.  It was half off for $17.
I usually have pictures of my kids hanging above the piano, but I took them down and put up a wreath & mirror I already had.  I'm really enjoying the change!
Here are a few more pictures of my tree lit up at night!
I love this time of year!
I can't wait to show you how I added a little "sparkle" to my entryway & staircase too.
If you'd like to see how much different my tree is from last year, You can find it HERE.