Tuesday, December 30, 2014

6 Deliciously, Healthy Dessert Recipes

Eating healthy doesn't mean skipping dessert. Check out these deliciously, healthy recipes.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream {recipe}

Chocolate covered Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Bites {recipe}

No Bake Energy Bites {recipe} 

5- Minute Strawberry Frozen Yogurt {recipe}

Chocolate Mousse {recipe}

Monday, December 29, 2014

50+ Hacks to Start Using Now!! You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Here are 50+ genius life hacks to make you life a little simpler.

1. If you're having trouble opening a jar, wrap a rubber band around the lid or use a kitchen glove to add some grip. {via}

2. You can freeze leftover sauces in ice cub containers. The cubes can be reheated in a sauté pan when you need a quick sauce for meals.

Snow Covered Branch in a Vase {via}


Stiffened Doilies Snowflakes {via}

No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt {via}

Clay Star Garland {via} 

Dollar Store Duster Wreath {via} 

Paper Star Tree Topper {via}

Sweater Stocking {via}

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas In The Kitchen...

This is my new favorite room to decorate...
It feels so bright and cheery!
I'm loving my centerpiece on my table.  
The greenery is actually an extra garland that I wasn't using this year...It filled my little box perfectly!

I tied ribbon on my pendant lights.
 I also hung a wreath with the same ribbon.
This little shelf is so fun to decorate!
 I got the star from Ikea.
It really brightens up my kitchen window!
It looks really pretty at night too...
Our chalkboard is also fun to use for decorating for the holidays.
 I filled my little tray with greenery and pinecones.  
 This is the first year we've had a little Christmas Village...
I love how it glows at night!

 Here is the view from my Great Room...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! 
 I love it!!
If you'd like to see Christmas throughout our house, click the links below:
1-Christmas Mantle/ Family Room
2-Christmas Tree
3-Christmas In The Living Room

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