Friday, December 5, 2014

Red, White & Silver Christmas Tree

I got our tree up over the weekend!  
Last year, I decided to try an all silver tree and I did love it, but I missed having some red color in the tree.
You can see my tree from last year HERE.

 Our tree this year...
I love the mix of berries, pinecones, birds and sparkle!
 Red always makes it feel like Christmas to me!
I used my same "Merry Christmas" sign from last year.
 The red bird was a gift from my aunt.
I actually took a garland that had the flock greenery and pinecones on it and cut it into pieces.  Then I  placed it throughout my tree.  It makes it feel a little rustic and it matches the garland that I have on my piano and entryway table, so it pulled it all together.
 Then I added a few red berries and some red sparkle twigs throughout the tree to add some color.
 The topper and star are also from last year.  My little boy says we need a red star because he can hardly see it...He might be right!
 Here it is all lit up at night!
It definitely makes our house feel cozy!
If you'd like to see our kitchen decorated for Christmas, click the link below:
Christmas In The Kitchen
Christmas In The Living Room
Christmas Mantle & Family Room

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