Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Garage Doors...

I am totally in love with houses that have  "character".  
We are slowly trying to add elements to our house that add some charm.  
We've changed our lighting, painted the exterior & added wood shutters. I think all of the changes have made a huge difference.
You can see the first set of changes HERE.
I've been wanting to add some hardware to our garage doors for a while now.
Our doors are actually kind of old & when we were at Home Depot the other night, we decided to get some pricing for new ones. 
I am totally in LOVE with the carriage garage doors!
Unfortunately, they are not in our budget right now & they can be REALLY expensive! 

Here are a few inspiration photos...
cottage the wood work above garage 
grey and white exterior. 

Aren't they charming??
Well considering we have plenty of other projects that I'd like to save our money for (Like a white kitchen!) 
We decided to just buy the hardware and at $12.50 a package, It's a cheap way to add some charm!  
We had to buy two packages to fit both of our doors.
My husband & boys started on the third car garage & I was SO excited with how it was looking...

Charming wouldn't you say?
It was just the look I was hoping for!
Then we got to the main garage door & there was a actually had a thinner width in the middle part of the door for the handles.
They both wouldn't fit side by side like the other door!!
 The only choice we had was to place them spaced apart & we couldn't change the 3rd car garage door to match because we had already drilled the holes in the middle.
My husband says it's fine because they are two different sized doors.
I'm still not sure.

Do you think it is OK to have them a little different?
Any suggestions on how we could fix it?
I think they are a terrific & cheap way to add some character, but if you have two doors always make sure they are actually the same size before you start!
It drove me crazy to have the doors look so different!
It's only a year later, but I did figure out how to fix my doors!
I bought one more package of door hardware & moved the handles in.
 I decided to place two sets of double handles closer together like the other door.  We filled the holes in with screws & painted them hardly notice them at all.
They definitely match better now!
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project FAIL & RE-DO

Tuesday night I attended a craft night & was signed up to make a Thanksgiving plaque. I just had to add my scrapbook paper & vinyl looked easy enough!
 It actually turned out quite cute & then this morning I decided to sand the edges & add a little stain.
This is when I ruined the whole thing... stained dripped on the middle of the project & when I tried to wipe it off it ripped the paper!  It did not look good!
Here is an example of the project (

              I had used orange polk-a -dot paper for my background, I wish I had gotten a picture!
This is how it looks now...
I was able to still use a corner of my orange polk-a-dot paper for the middle wood piece.
Then I hung a fall wreath with some ribbon from the top of the plaque.

Next, I sanded the edges & added my stain...carefully this time!

I couldn't save the vinyl lettering, but at least it wasn't a complete loss.

I guess I'll be able to use this as part of my decor for October & November now.
It can be so frustrating when you mess up a project!  
I need to remember to always STOP when something is "finished"!
It would save me a lot of headaches! :)
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