Thursday, October 4, 2012

Window Treatments Can Change The Whole Mood Of A Room

I was looking back at some old pictures of our house & I was surprised at how much window coverings can change the mood of a room.

For example, this was my husband's office before we needed to use it for a nursery.
 Notice the dark brown roller blinds we used on the window.  
When the blinds broke in this room we decided to replace them with this style because it matched the room well & the cost fit our budget at the time. 
This is the same space now...
  Of course we changed the paint color & added some woodwork on the walls, but look at how much brighter the window looks!  We replaced the dark brown roller blinds with a white one.  
Then we added the cute valence above it.  
It turned out great!  
My dream is to have plantation shutters some day, but I have realized the roller blinds are so much easier to clean!  I did a whole post on cleaning blinds if you'd like to see it here.  They just don't seem to get near as dusty as my wood blinds!

Here is one more example of how window treatments changed the mood of our master bedroom.  
This is the before...
Notice the dark red curtains...
Don't you love the color? 
 It's funny looking back how much I loved this style!
Here is how the room looks now...
Once again, it's amazing how the mood of the room changed just by replacing the bedding & window treatments.  It's so much brighter now!  You can get all of the details of what I changed in the room HERE.
I love looking back at old pictures & seeing the changes we've made over the years.  It's so fun to see what was once so popular & comparing it to the styles of today.
For now, I'll continue dreaming about plantation shutters in my living room!  Hopefully someday I'll be able to show a before & after of that for you too!
I also found some inspiration photos at
The site is actually from a business called Melbourne Blind Company.  It has a picture gallery & a section that shows you how to measure for blinds correctly.  I thought it was very informative & helpful!

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