Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cockatiel sitting... and floor work finally finished!

We got our floors finished on the stairs and in the hallways upstairs. :) We still have some of our stuff in the garage that I hope gets moved out of there soon so that we can park both cars in it again.

It was really dusty during the construction upstairs. So terrible. Dust was all over the place and is still dusty in some places.

We've been watching this cockatiel for a friend and she's been with us probably since around the same time we started getting work done on our house. Cockatiels seem really needy to me and always want attention. Well, at least is the case with the one we've been cockatiel sitting.

If you leave the room (especially while she's eating), she'll make some really high pitched bird sounds wanting you to come back. I guess she really doesn't like eating alone. :P

It's pretty funny when she starts whistling though because she learned some pretty crappy whistling from her owner. Sounds just like him. LOL... and my friend compared the bird's bad whistling to a car stalling. Haha! I'll put up a video of that when I have the time.