Sunday, July 18, 2010

How do you keep your room cool?

It's summer once again and here in So Cal, it can get into the 100s of degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully, we haven't had very many of those days this summer, but it has started to heat up.

My room always seems to get and stay incredibly hot, even if it's already cool outside. Opening the window doesn't help much. I've already turned off and unplugged two of the laptops in my room, my Xbox 360, some external hard drives, and a few other electronic devices, but that didn't seem to make things any cooler either, even though they've all been off/unplugged for about 3 or 4 days now.

After that, I've tried leaving my door open and having the fan oscillate the air around. Running the air conditioner for the entire house would be too expensive.

Before anyone suggests putting in a window air conditioner, my window isn't the kind that could be used with one of those, so that option wouldn't work too well for me. And those other portable air conditioners are too expensive. I could probably try one of those DIY air conditioners, but buying one would probably work immensly better than wasting a bunch of money on parts to build one myself.

Anybody have inexpensive yet effective ways of keeping your room cool? I'd love to hear any ideas.