Thursday, January 3, 2008

Furniture shopping

Well, I figured since this is, I think I'll write about things in my home.

First is the couch in the family room. It's so old (as old as our house, which is 15 years old this year) that the fabric on it is all torn. I might post a picture or two later.


Both of the cushions are torn, so even if we flipped them over, it wouldn't make a difference. So, to fix it, we've put a blanket on top of it just to hide the rips.


So we went to take a look at furniture to get a new couch, and maybe a bed for one of our spare rooms, or maybe just a sofa bed/sleeper sofa for now until we decide what to do with the spare room.

Anyway, we went to Mor Furniture since they were having a New Years sale... it seems like they always have a different sale every week, so that was the sale for that day. For a place that claims to have "more furniture for less" they really didn't seem to have that wide of a selection. Maybe it was just the store that we went to, so I wonder if their other store will have more inventory.

It was kind of disappointing. Nothing we looked at was a must buy and the prices weren't really that great either.

After that, we went to check out some other furniture stores in the area. There were limited places that were open, especially on New Years day and at almost 8 PM at night. We just peeked through the windows of the Jennifer Convertibles store and then checked out Lane Home Furnishings next door.

Picking out furniture is hard! I think we should just go on one of those TV shows on HGTV or TLC and just have a designer redo our whole family room, not just replace our couch. Maybe I should apply to be on While You Were Out or something.

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