Sunday, June 3, 2012

Front Door Love...

We will also be getting our front door painted with the rest of our house.  I've always had a white door & can't decide if I dare try something new.  

Here are a few of my inspirations from Pinterest...
I love the color, hardware, & numbers on this cute!

This one is so bright & fresh, but I love the molding around it the most!

I also LOVE the molding around this door.
I will probably be painting my door black.  If I don't like it...I  guess I can always paint it again!
The problem I'm having now is that if I don't like my house it's a little harder to fix.
I've had the hardest time picking out paint colors!  I hope the one we picked isn't too's so hard to tell what it will look like on the house.  

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