Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting Rid Of Bees...

This is the second summer that we have had problems with bees in our backyard.
It is so frustrating when we BBQ or eat outside on our deck.
 The minute the food is set out they start to swarm around the table.
We were celebrating my daughter's birthday on the 4th of July & sure enough I heard screams coming from my son who is terrified of bees.  There were bees swarming everyone's plates.
We were about to move everyone inside AGAIN.
Then my father-in-law said that his neighbor had told him that you just put out dryer sheets because they hate  the smell.
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We put one on each table & waved them around a little to get the scent blowing in the air.
I was happily surprised.  We just left them on the tables & when one would fly by we'd wave the dryer sheet around.  They started to fly away & soon there weren't anymore around the tables at all!
 It was so nice & we were able to finish eating & playing out there the rest of the night.
We can finally enjoy eating outside on the deck again! 
If you'd like to see how we added easy outdoor lighting to our deck just click the link below..

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