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Voile Curtains

I'm so excited to have a guest post by Kathy, who is a contributor to the blog Yorkshire Linen Co.

Hi I am Kathy and I drink,eat,sleep home decor! It is a passion that keeps me going. I am very happy to be here today, a bunch of thanks to Sally @ Love of Homes. Please stop by the blog  Yorkshire Linen for more of my work.
8 Dainty Tips for Bedroom Decor Featuring Voile Curtains
If you are creating a delicate and dainty bedroom for a young lady, you can do no better than to use voile curtains as part of the dÈcor scheme. There are many reasons to use voile in the bedroom, eight of which follow below:
Voile is marvelously easy to clean. You can take down the curtains, pop them into the washing machine (they will fit into most standard machines thanks to the very light thread used to weave the curtains) and then hang them back up straight away after a good spin cycle. There will be no damaging dripping from such light fabric and they will dry very quickly with any creases falling out as they do so.
No Nets Please!
Voile is a great replacement for netting, which can sometimes seem quite dated and old-fashioned, having no place in a modern home. If you are not keen on net curtains, or simply want to try something a little different, invest in several pairs of voile curtains so that you can try the effects of different colors and lengths.
 Screen Out
Voile panels can be used as a kind of shield during the day, diffusing bright or harsh sunlight and softening the dazzle and shadows inside the room, while still allowing plenty of light and fresh air to flood into the room. Hang a panel over the window so that it lies flat, with no gathers or pleats to maximize the light entering the room and to allow yourself a reasonable view through the delicate and fine-grained fabric. Team this with opaque curtains or blinds for those moments when you want complete privacy from the outside world.
 Folds of Fabulous
Masses of sheer fabric clustered at the window look great, especially when they are allowed to move gently in the breeze. Plentiful folds of voile work to block our unwanted attention, while allowing in plenty of light and air.
 Lace Effect
Voile, while simply a light woven fabric, can have a gloriously lacy look, which is perfect for lightening the tone of otherwise sombre or neutral dÈcor. Lace-look curtains add a wonderfully light and frothy touch to any roomís dÈcor and they are perfect for girls and women of all ages. For a variety of bedding lace options, my favorite place to get it from is The Find.
Voile fabric is able to hold patterns and stripes very well. This means that you can find striped voile curtains that use the colours that you have chosen for your roomís colour scheme. Finding curtains that exactly echo the colours used in your dÈcor can really pull your room together, imbuing it with a wonderfully professional polish. For exotic and captivating voile curtains, my utmost favorite is Yorkshire Linen Co.

Voile panels and curtains are available in a huge range of colours: many more shades and tones that can be found in other fabrics. This is because voile tends to be cotton-based and very light, and therefore, will pick up and hold dye colours accurately. Choosing voile as your preferred curtain fabric opens up an immense world of opportunity: in which you can choose several pairs of curtains, one in each of your colour schemeís chosen hues which will enable you to quickly and simply make fairly dramatic changes to the appearance and ambiance of the room.
 Feminine Note
If you dÈcor is fairly neutral and bland, voile curtains can add a very necessary feminine note. This can help you to personalise the room around your character, making the room more attractive and inviting and less like a blank canvas or hotel room.
Thanks again Kathy for sharing your article.
Stop by and see more of her work at the Yorkshire Linen Co. blog!

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