Monday, March 10, 2014

Construction Zone...

We are definitely in the "construction zone" phase of our remodel.
We decided to extend our kitchen and dining area out six feet.  The wall with the windows will be coming down too.
As of Saturday, our kitchen is GONE!
These boys took down the final wall with some karate kicks!
This was the final push!
We still have some tile to tear up & then we are ready for this to be DONE!!
I'm just glad these boys enjoy this kind of destruction!
 This little cutie takes after her mom ...
She came in the room and said, "Daddy, you need to clean this mess up!"
 Now comes the "fun" part of living without a functioning kitchen.  
Hopefully, things will keep progressing quickly!
As far as the exterior goes, they got the footings in & started tearing off some of the stucco...
 This is how it looks today...
They removed more stucco & have the wood for the floor's kind of an extension from our deck right now.
Of course, it's going to snow tonight! 
Let's hope it's not a bad storm & we can keep the progress going.
Does anyone have some tips they can share on how to survive a kitchen remodel?

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