Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Parade Of Homes 2014: Fun Family Rooms

There were so many of the homes that really made the family rooms a fun and spacious area.
Here are some of my favorites...

This was a family room from House #18.
I think it was so fun how they mixed of few different colors and patterns to create a bright, fun space!
It was so bright with plenty of natural light from the windows.  It didn't even feel like you were in a basement!
This was in one of my favorite homes.  It was a Hardrock Home and it was House #25.

It had the fun seating area, play area and an exercise room in the basement. 
I love how they are building homes where the basement is just as bright as the upstairs!
 This was a Bangerter Home and was House #24.
Behind this couch are windows that look over an indoor basketball court!
It was pretty amazing!
 This was a Tailor Built Home and is  House #27.
I just loved this idea of a little table with barstools behind the couch.
It was a great way to use the space!  You could enjoy a few snacks while watching a movie or game.
This was a Rainey Home and is House #23.
I thought the classic black and white looked beautiful and bright for a family room.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of some of my favorite family rooms!
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