Monday, January 26, 2015

Switching Around My Furniture...

When we moved our sectional from our living room to our great room, it caused quite the switch up throughout the whole house!
You can see the post about that HERE.

When we first remodeled our kitchen, I found this bench and little green table.  
I really liked how they added a little color to our white kitchen.  
Then we painted our living room and I was trying to lighten up the couch with new pillows and this bench looked really good in the bay window...
You can see how our living room has transformed over the years HERE.
The new couch I got for the living room clashes with the bench.
 I thought about selling the bench, but decided to move it to the upstairs hallway.
Here is my hallway before...
Here it is now....
It's a nice change and a great place for my little girl to sit while we put on her socks and shoes.
The pillow use to be on my sectional in the living room...
The other three pillows found a new home on the bench in my kitchen...
The black shelf got moved from my great room, you can see the shelf at the end of our couch in this picture...
Here is our black shelf now...
I really like how it looks in our kitchen and it matches our table better.
This picture didn't have the pillows yet, but I love how they cozied up the bench!

I ended up selling my green table, it was so cute, but I couldn't seem to find a place for it.
I was able to buy a chair with the money I made from selling it, but that's a whole other post.

This table lamp in the bay window use to be in our living room...
Now I've placed it behind our couch in the corner...

The bird picture that use to be in the kitchen, got moved up to my daughter's "big girl" room.
As soon as I hang this, I'll be able to show you her room.  It's so cute!
Here is a sneak peek of her bedding...
I love the ruffles!

Who knew switching a couch from one room to another would cause this domino effect on the rest of my house!
I actually love the changes and it's a fun way to freshen up your home.
It has also changed my sister's house too!  The leather set from our great room looks great in her living room!

Now I have been working on my living room and I've been buying and returning chairs for a few weeks now.
I'm pretty sure TJ Maxx knows me on a first name basis.
It has been so hard to get chairs to match our couch.
 I was so close to just returning the couch!
  It is finally coming together and I'll show you soon.
This is one of the chairs that finally worked...

This is literally the fourth set of chairs I have tried!
Do you shop around your own house and rearrange your furniture?
This was one of the biggest switch arounds I've experienced!
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