Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For some reason, I just couldn't stay asleep tonight. I don't know why. But I wouldn't exactly say having just one night of sleep would qualify me as an insomniac. It's just one night, right? Hopefully.

I think I only got about three hours of sleep total. I know I was up past 1 AM and got up at around 4 AM. I've been awake since then, but I think it's because I turned on my laptop and just started visiting a bunch of websites.

Wow, my laptop battery is still charging! Last night, I unplugged the power from my laptop so that I could see how long my battery life was. It didn't last close to three minutes! How can it go from 100% to 0% that fast? I really don't like the thought of having to buy a new laptop battery because they're expensive! I'd rather get a new laptop than spend on a battery. So anyway, I plugged it back in and hours later, it's still only 47% charged. WTF? I wonder if maybe the battery wasn't making contact (with whatever it's supposed to make contact with) somehow and maybe it really was never charged at all.

Uh, anyway, I'm gonna try to get back to sleep now before I'm just as drained as my laptop battery. I'll probably end up waking up in another 2 and a half hours. Hopefully this is just a one time thing and I'll be able to sleep normally tonight.

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