Saturday, June 30, 2007

Apple iPhone

So the Apple iPhone is finally out. It seems so cool, but way too much for me to afford right now. I haven't read any iPhone reviews or anything, so I don't know if it's worth the money, but I really want one.

I probably wouldn't use a lot of the features that are built into the iPhone, but I definitely think I would love the touch screen. I mean, hey, look what the Nintendo DS did for gaming with it's dual screen and touch screen. I play my DS way more than anything else, including my Wii.

Anyway, getting back to the awesome iPhone. If it really does all that I've seen it do in videos, I think I would love it. I do think it might be kind of weird to type on an all touch screen... no tactile feedback or anything since it's an on-screen keyboard. That might be kind of weird at first since you can't feel your way around the keys like you can with anything else that uses real buttons. But, what do I really know? I'm just a person who wishes that I owned an iPhone. I don't actually have one.

If anyone wants to get me an iPhone as a gift, I'd really appreciate it. My birthday is coming up, ya know (or in case you didn't know... my birthday is coming up... hint , hint). ;)

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