Friday, September 21, 2007

Ooh, iPod Touch... gimme, gimme!

So I never actually got a chance to play around with an iPhone because the person who I know has one didn't go to a certain event that I was at last month.

But now Apple's released the iPod Touch. Oooh, sexy! I really don't need the "phone" features of the iPhone since I barely ever use my cell phone to begin with.

I'm really most interested in the built-in WiFi it has. When I was hanging around in airports last month, that would've been so much nicer to have than my lousy Nintendo DS Browser. Sure, the DS browser works, but it stinks when there's a hotspot that requires a username and password because the login screen doesn't show up at all even though you can see the network.

The iPod Touch looks really sweet though and it's really tempting, but at its current pricetag, I don't think I'll be getting one. For the cost, I'd rather get myself an Xbox 360. I think I'd get much more use out of that than I would the iPod Touch. And I'd also rather have more functionality of a UMPC (that's Ultra Mobile PC for you folks who don't know the acronym) than the limited functionality of the iPod Touch.

But really, my interest in the iPhone has dropped and like I said earlier, I don't need the "phone" aspects of the iPhone, so the iPod Touch is more my thing. I'd really love to upgrade my iPod since I have an old 20 gig HP iPod, but what really stinks about the iPod Touch is the limited space you get. For something that can play videos, you'd think they'd give you more gigabytes for your money instead of LESS storage space than what was on previous (music only) iPod models. That seems just plain idiotic to me. That doesn't change the fact that I still want one though.

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