Saturday, January 5, 2013

Projects For The New Year...

Happy New Year!
It's really hard to believe it's 2013!
Are you the type that makes New Year's Resolutions?
 I definitely have a few things I want to do to our house this year!
I definitely want to add more wood molding!  

We have added some to our entry way...
And in our daughter's Nursery....
I love how it changes the whole feel of a room.

My goal is to add some chunkier wood around the front door & living room windows.  

Here are a few inspiration photos...
This is from one of my favorite blogs Down To Earth Style...
Her whole house is inspiring, but I just love the wood molding around the door!

Next for the window casing...I found quite a few inspiring ideas!

Then on the main wall in my living room, I'd love to add a wood planked wall!
I love the look of this!  
When I asked my husband if he was ready to help me get started? He replied, "That's a lot of wood!"  
That is true, but it would look great!
 It only took about 5 years to get around to adding the board & batten in the entry way, but it sure turned out nice when we finished!
Just look at this entry way...
I don't think you can really have too much wood molding & makes this room look amazing!!

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