Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Cute Skirt...

I've mentioned this before, but I don't like sewing with patterns.  A complex I gained in the 7th'd think I'd be over it, but I still avoid projects that include cutting out a pattern. I have wanted to make my daughter's matching skirts for a while & I found a way to do this without using a pattern!  If you can do some basic math skills, this will work for you!

This blog has the BEST tutorial...step by step with pictures!
Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss
You can make a skirt in ALL sizes using this method.
I ended up making a skirt for my 10 year old, her American Doll & my Baby.
They turned out so cute!!
I love the ruffles...
I love how you can choose how long you want the skirt to be too.
Here she is with her Doll...
This is much cheaper than buying the doll clothes!
Don't they look cute??

I just added one ruffle to the bottom of Sophie's skirt.  Then I took pink ribbon and sewed it down the middle of the ruffle. She's happy with how it turned out!

I already went out and bought more fabric to try a few more variations!
I LOVE these girls!!

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