Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I think adding ruffles to anything makes it better...especially on clothing.  
A few months ago, I got a few tank tops on clearance for $1.00 at Walmart.  I got quite a few in different colors.  I knew they had potential.

This is what I have done to the first one
I added ruffles to the bottom of it.

I cut my fabric into strips...
The width was 7 inches.
Then I put a 1/2 inch hem on the bottom & sides of each one, so the fabric doesn't fray when we wash it.
Then I started at the bottom of the tank top & worked my way up.
 I left 4 inches between each ruffle.  I put on a total of 4.  

My daughter was so excited with how it turned out!
It was a little low in the front so she layered it with another tank top underneath.  
Then I took an old black long sleeve shirt that I had & cut it to make a jacket!
No sewing's knit so it doesn't fray when you cut it!

I'll show you how we did it on the next post, but I think it completed the whole outfit!
A close up of the ruffles...
The back...
Put it with some leggings & you have a new "ruffle" shirt for a total of $6.00!
Which makes for a happy girl 
A happy bank account!

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