Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Refinished Nightstands....

We recently sold our old bed & nightstands because we were ready to change our Master Bedroom.  
We found our new bed, but didn't have too much money left to buy nightstands.  It's shocking how much these can cost!
I did some searching through the classifieds & scored a pair for $20 bucks.  They weren't the perfect color, so I just stained them a darker color & they matched the bed perfectly!

This is my FAVORITE stain!  
The color is American Walnut

It is water-based so it doesn't stink & it cleans up well.  I've used it on a lot of furniture & on our staircase. I'm so sad though, because Home Depot doesn't sell it anymore!  Now you have to buy the water base stain & have them add the color, so it cost a lot more.  If anyone knows who still sells it, I'd love to know where.

Here they are before...

And After...
I also stained the lamp to match...
I love finding cheap furniture & changing it's kind of addicting!!    
You can see the whole master bedroom makeover HERE.
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