Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Blinds & Baseboards

It's that time of  the year where most of my rooms feel like they could use a deep cleaning!  This week I started with my blinds...it took me 3 days, but my main level is done!  
This little lady motivated me...
She's getting to be just the right height to reach the blinds & she leaves all of her cute little finger marks in all of the dust!  She also puts her mouth right on the blinds attached to the french doors leading to the backyard...gross!  It was time to wipe them down!

How do you clean your blinds?

This is how I do it:
I start with an old sock...

Rinse it in warm water & ring it out so it is damp.

Slide your hand in the damp sock like a glove.

Now for the TEDIOUS part...
Take each slat between your fingers & your thumb & wipe away all of the dust! 
This will wipe the top & bottom of each slat at once.
(Every time I do this, I really wish I had plantation shutters with the WIDE slats. )
It would make this a lot easier & faster.
If your blinds are as dusty as mine were, you will probably have to rinse the sock out quite a few times.

Take it one window at a time or even one per day & they'll probably all be clean by the end of the week.
It isn't my favorite job, but it does feel great when it's done!
Next week, I'll start the upstairs...one step at a time!
Then every few weeks, I just take my Swiffer duster to dust them off  & that usually helps keep them from getting too dusty throughout the year.
Then usually ever spring & fall, I'll wipe them down with the damp sock.  It might not be perfect, but every little bit helps.

My next tip is for baseboards:
It's funny, but guess what cleans them off really good...
Baby Wipes!
I just go around the room & wipe the tops & fronts of the baseboards & you'll be amazed how much dust comes off! 
 I also saw a tip on Pinterest that said to wipe your clean baseboards with a dryer sheet & that it helps repel the dust from sticking to the baseboards.  I haven't tried it yet, but I will & I'll let you know how it works!

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