Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adding A Touch of "GREEN"

Another thing that I love to decorate with is greenery or plants.  
If you notice, mine aren't real...I'm not too good at keeping them alive!
I just put a decorative ball on top of a candle stick & tied a bow around it.  

I think the green plant completed the look on my lamp table...remember how I love to decorate with birds too!
In my great room I added put some greenery on a plant stand in the corner...

This topiary plant add a little color to my mantel....

I added a grass box to the top of our piano.

I added a green wreath to my mirror above the couch in the living room...
I placed a wreath around the rooster on my dining room table...
A little more green in my dining/great room area...
 I think a little bit of green adds a lot.  
What do you like to decorate with??

Then when I was taking pictures, I told my boys to move from the table so I could clean up our lunch  & take a few more pictures.  Then one of my boys said, "I know mom take a picture while it's messy & then take one after you clean can be a before & after picture!" 
 Oh no, I think this blogging thing must be wearing off on them!
So here they are...

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