Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Decor In The Kitchen

I  usually make our family room the "Halloween" Room...  
Then I just add a touch of Fall to the kitchen. 
My little boy is always so excited about this time of year.  He came down and said, " I love how this side of the room is Halloween and the other side is Fall-ish!"
 It's nice to have some who appreciates the decorations!

Here is our "Fall-ish" kitchen...
 I kept it pretty simple.
 It's fun to add a pop of orange color to our kitchen.
 In the kitchen window,  I filled a couple of mason jars with candy corn and added a few fall twigs to the jars.  Then I tied a burlap ribbon around them.
 It's simple, but makes me happy when I do the dishes!
 I really like having a little shelf as a part of our oven hood.
It's a fun place to decorate for the holidays!
 I love pumpkins!  
This big one is actually fake, but I love how it looks real.  
I added a few real pumpkins and fall leaves to a tray for the island.

 I decided to hang a wreath in my big kitchen window.
 Here is one more view of the corner.
Here is our dining area.
I do love how fall makes our house feel so cozy!
Are you ready for Fall?

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