Thursday, October 9, 2014

Money Saving Kitchen Remodels

I recently shared my kitchen remodel on Hometalk.
It is such a great place to gather ideas for your home! You can create a variety of "boards" to store your inspiration & ideas by specific topics.    Another great feature of Hometalk, is that you can also post questions.
 I was so excited when they contacted me and asked if I would curate a board called Money Saving Kitchen Remodels.  It was so easy to find inspiration!  
Kitchen remodels can be expensive, but here are some wonderful ideas that can help you keep the cost down.

{Paint Your Cabinets}
 Traci, who has a blog called Beneath My Heart, made her kitchen beautiful with paint!
What a huge difference this makes!  It can totally change the look of the whole kitchen.

 {Create Open Shelving}
I love how Brittany, from the blog Pretty Handy Girl added a touch of color to her shelves!
She lined her cabinets with fabric covered foam. This would also be easy to change out for different holidays!

{Change The Hardware}
On the blog Vintage Farmhouse, She found these knobs at Hobby Lobby for a dollar!  
This is such a cheap and easy way to add character to your kitchen!  
Her whole kitchen makeover is amazing and she did it all for under $200!

 {Paint Your Table & Chairs}
On the blog Start @ Home, she painted her dining room set and it turned out beautiful!
It totally brightened up the whole kitchen!

{Add Custom Crown Molding}
Katie from My Diy Habits, made a HUGE difference in her cabinets by adding $50 worth of crown molding.  It looks great!

Last but not least,
{Adding Prefabricated Cabinets}
I love how Christina's Ikea kitchen from
The DIY Mommy turned out, it's just beautiful!
This kitchen looks amazing and I know from experience that it can save you quite a bit of money!
Our contractor explained how he did two kitchens, one with Ikea cabinets and the other one was custom built.  The custom kitchen cabinets cost double and he said you couldn't really even tell a difference.

You can find more great ideas on Money Saving Kitchen Remodels on
Hometalk Here.

You can also find me SallyLoveOfHomes on Hometalk.  I would love you to follow along as we continue to make our "House a Home, One Project at a Time!"
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